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Welcome to the world of MERIEL, where innovation meets elegance in the realm of fashion. We are at the forefront of celebrating and nurturing rising stars who resonate with our brand ethos and are eager to showcase MERIEL's exquisite collections to the world through their social platforms.

We extend an exclusive invitation to bloggers, content creators, valued customers, and influencers from all corners of the globe to join our esteemed Influencer Program. At MERIEL, we cherish and celebrate your unique identity, embracing the diversity and individuality that each of you brings to our brand.

As a note of caution, we are aware of impersonators who falsely claim affiliation with our brand. Rest assured, MERIEL does not, under any circumstances, request payment for collaboration opportunities. Authenticity is key to our communications, and you can always expect official correspondence from us to come from an "" email address.

Together, let's explore the endless possibilities of creativity and style.

We are excited to see the magic we can create together as part of the MERIEL family.

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